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thorough look yet at the
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hello, thanks for joining us. today, people in san bruno are getting their most thorough look yet at the neighborhood where a pipeline explosion leveled dozens of homes. and anne makovec is in san bruno this noon to show us the devastation up close now. ann? >> reporter: i'm here live on claremont and you can see behind me the devastation. police just opened up several more blocks surrounding the blast zone at around 10:00 this morning. this is the closest the public has been able to get to ground zero of the thursday explosion, a haunting scene for those who live in the neighborhood trying to get back to normal as the investigation into what happened here continues. >> it just looks like a war zone. >> walter returned to his house yesterday. just yards from the strip of homes now reduced to a strip of chimneys surrounded by rubble. >> it just looks like -- smells like rotten eggs and dead rats. we still have the same memory
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from thursday. >> reporter: the memory of running for his life. the investigation into what happened to cause the gas line to rupture and the fire that destroyed dozens of homes is just beginning. a 28-foot section of the pipeline ripped out of the ground by the blast is now en route to washington, d.c., as part of a large-scale investigation by the ntsb. >> we will have a detailed examination in the metallurgy lab and look at it under an electron microscope. >> reporter: they're looking at the track record of the pipeline and the history of the people in charge of inspecting it and pg&e's emergency response plan, as well as the role geological movements could have played. here is what they're asking the public to report. any incidents of smelling gas in the days before the explosion. finding metal fragments near the blast zone. or vegetation in the area that died for no apparent reason. you can e-mail them at san bruno at it may take months for the
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verdict on what happened. it will take much longer for this neighborhood to recover. >> we feel horrible for the people that were there. and we know some of the people that died, too. >> and the areas with stains from the fire retardant left over, a reminder of how lucky they were. >> thank god for saving us our family and giving us a second chance to live. >> reporter: now, the california public utilities commission has ordered pg&e to inspect all of its miles of natural gas pipeline in california. about 5700 miles, with high concentration on dense populated areas like this one. juliet? >> anne makovec, thank you. we also have some new video coming into our newsroom this afternoon. now, this is surveillance video from inside of a supermarket not far from the site of the pipeline explosion. it actually captures the scene inside the store the moment of the blast. you can see people all over the
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store, they're ducking behind counters, and running for cover, and remember, this blast was so strong, it actually registered as an earthquake with the usgs. shortly after the explosion, people scrambled for the exits and one man losing his footing as he tries to make it out the door. no one inside the store at the time though, fortunately, was injured. authorities are still working to determine how many people died. as of right now, four people are confirmed dead. among the victims, jacqueline greek, and her 13-year-old daughter janessen. and 20-year-old jessica morales. the coroner is still working to identify the fourth victim. the coroner says more remains have been found. but it is not clear if they're from victims already accounted for. it is also not clear if they are animal remains. that leaves four people still unaccounted for right now. two people who were reported missing after the blast were
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located yesterday. three parishioners of the san bruno church are among the missing. 50-year-old greg bullet, his 16- year-old son william, and his elderly mother lavonne. a family member says she believes the three were inside the house at the time of the explosion. meanwhile, four victims are still at seacrest memorial hospital in san francisco. three are listed in critical condition with life-threatening burns over 50% of their bodies. san francisco general is also treating four patients for burns and smoke inhalation. two are critical. most of the pets brought to the peninsula humane society in the wake of the pipeline explosion have now been reunited with their families. about two dozen were brought in immediately after the disaster. many pets are still missing. most of those are outdoor cats. the humane society says it is a good time to make sure your pets always wear a collar with a tag. and just a reminder. if you want to help by donating
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blood, you might want to wait. blood centers have received an overwhelming response. but freshly donated blood has to be used within six weeks. burn victims will need transfusions later, so in order to keep supplies fresh, they will need additional donations in the coming weeks and months. to find out how you can help with the san bruno recovery effort, you can go to and we have all of the information, plus the very latest updates throughout the day. you will find the story on our front page. there is a hitch in the expected release of a berkeley grad detained in iran for more than a year. the iranian lawyer for sara shourd says her family is having trouble raising half a million dollars for her bail. so the family is appealing to lower the amount or drop it all together.
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iran's judiciary says shourd could be released for health reasons if the bail is paid and she was in prison with two other berkeley grads for more than a year accused of spying. meantime four members of an oakland-based charity have been released from a jail in zimbabwe. they were accused of distributing aid, medications in the capital city without a pharmacist supervision or a license. the charity says it has been working in zimbabwe for more than a decade and licenses have never been an issue. the four workers plead innocent in court today and a judge set them free. still unclear whether san francisco muni workers will launch a four-day sick-out tomorrow. anonymous flyers have appeared at muni facilities this month calling for a sickout to begin tomorrow and last through friday. union leaders say any such protests would be sanctioned -- or not be sanctioned by the union. however, they do concede workers are not happy with recent moves by management, to toughen sick leave and overtime policies. also, this november, a measure
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will appear on the ballot to end the guarantee that muni drivers be the second highest paid in the nation. one week from today, the bay area will have its first- ever toll lane that doesn't cross a bridge. the express lane is on southbound interstate 680 from highway 84. and 237 in millipitas. the new striping is already painted along eight of the 14 miles. next monday, solo drivers can pay tolls to travel in the lane between 5:00 a.m. and 8:00 p.m. the tolls are gathered electronically so a fast track transponder is required. car pools will be able to use the lane at no charge. most of you watching, you could soon get another tax break. we will show you what is happening right now on capitol hill to end an extended tax cut and exactly who would benefit. and for once, democrats and republicans may agree on something. also new research on the link between vaccines and
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autism. and the message the experts want all parents to hear. and what does your handshake say about how long you might live? we will explain. ======== our weather for today, coming up, a pretty nice weekend, coming off a pretty nice weekend and today looking pretty good outside so far. some clouds in the mount vaca cam. which one will win out today? the clouds or sun? how about a little bit of both. the forecast is coming up. diabetes testing? it's all the same. nothing changes.
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but what really happened? cnn -- not me -- cnn says his assertion about his tax record was "just plain wrong." jerry brown went out there and took credit for the fact that the people of california voted for proposition 13, which lowered taxes, which he opposed. and now he's going around taking credit for it. he raised taxes as governor of california. he had a surplus when he took office and a deficit when he left. he doesn't tell the people the truth. washington on the issue of s. the top republica there are hints of a possible compromise in washington on the issue of taxes. the top republican in the house indicates he could make a deal but the white house is reacting with caution.
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joel brown shows the back and forth is heavy with political calculations, as elections approach. >> reporter: there are signs this morning that congress may be able to reach a deal on tax cuts. >> i want to do something for all americans who pay taxes. >> reporter: john bohner, the top republican in the house, told "face the nation" that he might be willing to compromise on extending the bush era tax cuts set to expire at the end of the year. if congress does nothing, everyone's taxes will rise. democrats want to extend the cuts only for those people making less than $200,000 a year. or couples making less than $250,000. the republicans want the cuts to go everyone. but bohner indicated he might be willing to make a deal. >> if the only option i have is to vote for some of those tax reductions, i will vote for them. >> reporter: this morning, the white house reacted cautiously. >> i hope that congressman bohner's comments suggest a
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willingness to agree to the president's position. >> reporter: there is far more at stake in this debate than tax policy. with less than two months to go to midterm election, each side is trying to use the issue to convince voters that it has the right solution for the economy. taxes were also a key topic in tea party supporters, as they rallied over the weekend. thousands marched through washington, sacramento, and st. louis, sunday. congress could begin debates the tax cut extensions later this month but reaching a deal may not happen until after the election. joel brown, cbs news, washington. and there is more evidence this afternoon disputing any link between vaccines and autism. researchers from the centers for disease control studied more than 1,000 children, and they found infants exposed to even the highest levels of mercury, that used to be in vaccines, were no more likely to develop autism than any other child. researchers say this should reassure parents that vaccines are safe. earlier this year, a british
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medical journal rescinded an article that suggested a link between mercury and autism. taking multi-vitamins may not necessarily help people with colon cancer battle the disease. in a study of more than 1,000 people, the vitamins did not lower the chances of colorectal cancer deaths. and among survivor, the vitamins failed to lower the likelihood of the cancer returning. despite those findings, researchers say certain vitamins may still be helpful. for example, vitamin d may offer some production from colon cancer. but at much higher doses than those found in multi-vitamins. here is a question. do you have a strong handshake? if you do, you may just live longer. experts in britain tracked tens of thousands of people. people with the weakest handshakes were 67% more likely to die early. researchers sa

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